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Your Guide When Looking for Blue Pitbull Puppies

One of the most adorable puppies that you can have is the pitbull. These dogs are known for their robust and energetic characteristics. A loyal and friendly dog is what you can get from a pitbull which also makes them great. There are different types of pitbulls that you can see in the market. One that is most coveted though is the blue pitbull. And that is why if you are looking for a blue pitbull pup then you will need to know some things.

One of the best ways that you can determine a blue pitbull is through their color. The name blue comes from the color that their fur has. It is these dogs that have a gene that gives their fur a tinge of blue in it. Once you take a look at the blue color then it is so light which gives their color a greyish hue. These pitbulls often do have combinations of blue, black and white. Once these pitbulls are born, it is them that already has this color and that is a thing that you need to remember. See to it that you will be doing those fraudulent sellers that will tell you that the blue color will just develop as the pup grows up. Having blue eyes and nice are what real blue pitbulls pups also do have.

If you are also looking for a genuine blue pitbull puppy then it is important that you will also be looking at the body that it has. It is common to see some pitbulls that tends to be large and overweight. These are the pitbulls that don’t really come from the original breed. Once you take a look at the original pitbulls then they are the ones that can weigh up to 70 pounds. Despite the weight that they have, it is these dogs that are still strong and fast. Once you take a look at original pitbulls then they are the ones that can have body’s that are muscular and lean.

The behavior and temperament that the dog has is also another factor when looking for a blue pitbull puppy. It is normal for other people to think of pitbulls to be dangerous and arrogant dogs which are not really true. Blue pitbull puppies are very friendly and want to be with people. A very loyal and can be trained easily are what blue pitbulls really are. If you happen to see some that are aggressive then that can be an isolated case. If a pitbull or any other dog breed for that matter has been treated wrongly in the past then it is them that can be aggressive in the future.

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